Relaxation is the absence of tension. During relaxation and rest, the prana activated posture practice can be used for healing and re-energizing the body. Yoga relaxation and pranayama (breathing techniques) can be as affective, if not more effective, than taking a daytime nap when you’re tired.  The more it’s practised, the better you become at relaxing easily and feeling more calm and energised.  By practising progressively letting go of tension in the body and mind you learn to access a deep inner peace which in the long-term ultimately raises your general state of happiness.

Relaxation can be taken in various supine, prose or seated poses such as lifeless pose, crocodile pose, child’s pose, lotus or easy log pose.  One can also practice relaxed and calming breathing whilst standing in mountain pose; for example, rather than getting frustrated, this may be an effective practice to do whilst standing in a queue in a busy supermarket or whilst waiting for a train that’s running late.  In a truly relaxed state of meditation, the brain wave patterns become fixed within the alpha state – brain wave patterns seen when one is at rest and peaceful wakefulness.  Relaxation generates a feeling of wellbeing, helping to boost and recharge the immune system to increase our body’s ability to fight infection and heal more quickly.

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