The Mind

The mind is an intangible, creative, calculating and imaginative entity that is made up of a person’s thoughts, feelings, ideas, reasoning, awareness, perception, concepts and memories.  The mind is a non-material, non physical receptacle (memory bank) for a person’s experience of life.  It forms or influences our habits through positive or negative responses to stimuli; these responses can be instinctive (we’re born with them) or conditioned (learned through training).

The mind has different levels of consciousness known as unconsciousness, sub consciousness and consciousness.  The unconscious mind is an inaccessible or suppressed complete record of past experiences.  The subconscious mind operates in an obscure and secretive way; it consists of thoughts and feelings ‘just below the surface’ that are accessible by giving them attention.  Consciousness is made up of the thoughts and feelings that are happening in the here and now; they are parts of the mind’s subconscious activity that we specifically focus on and therefore consciously bring into our present awareness.

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